Google is Now Responsible for Not Removing Lies from Web

In Australia, Google now behaves as a publisher in a criminal way for its stance of not removing defamations about people and in some cases it even gives relevance to lies.  This development resulted as the Supreme Court of Victoria fined Google as the decision was made.

Although free speech should always be upheld, nevertheless there are limits on integrity values, as it is in this example where individuals face heavy fines for hate speech.

However, when it comes to cyber bullying it seems this a good development particularly as a way to stop bad-intended individuals or corporations to use search engine techniques to spread their lies about people with the excuse of free speech. In this context, in most cases rumours are solely intended to push forward an image or perception of anyone which does not correspond to the reality, thus distorting or attempting to attack the integrity of people with lies. A current case in the UK is that of Elio Assuncao, where he has been harassed on the internet by individuals using search engine techniques to spread rumours and lies, and despite the counter claims, google continues to help the perpetrators.

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