Facebook Moving All Users to HTTPS Settings, Slower Connections

Facebook by Antreposhop.com
Facebook is now improving security and moving all its users to HTTPS, the transition period will start this week and it was announced that will “slow down connections only slightly.” Nevertheless, users will still be able to opt-out of HTTPS for maximum speed.

Following this development to include all users as a standard setting, the context is where HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) was already available to all users, nevertheless most users did not change or selected their account settings to use this secure connection.

Following a Facebook Developer Blog post, the security manager Frederic Wolens stated:

It is far from a simple task to build out this capability for the more than a billion people that use the site and retain the stability & speed we expect, but we are making progress daily towards this end. This may slow down connections only slightly, but we have deployed significant performance enhancements to our load balancing infrastructure to mitigate most of the impact of moving to HTTPS, and will be continuing this work as we deploy this feature.”Feel Free to add your comments to this post, thank you.

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