New Windows Phone 8 Features Reinvented Around You

Windows Phone 8

The new Windows Phone 8 recently announced by Microsoft, is packed with new innovative features such as an expanded Start screen and as a result really sets it apart from its competitors like iOS and Android. Furthermore, the new hardware specifically designed for the new operating system is capable to run multiple processing cores, with expandable memory. The new phones have integrated capabilities such as in-app purchases, Skype and Internet Explorer 10 code.

The new features include:

  1. Customizable lock screen, an active lock screen which allows the user to add full-screen widgets. 
  2. Bing app recommendations, a new feature labelled "for you", where events appear as trending depending on popularity interactions, including Facebook friends "like" activities.
  3. Bing screen, by swiping right in the Bing app the user will see new screens with advertising top headlines, local deals, what's in theaters, top videos, and local events. 
  4. People Hub rooms, users can interact and send messages with custom groups of people. 
  5. Encryption, shared NT Security from Windows 8 accounts.
  6. Kid's Corner, when enabled it works as a second lock screen, when kids use the phone then they are not able to accidentally call or e-mail anyone, or open up a Web page not allowed. The options are pre-defined by an adult which selects which apps the kids can see and use. 
  7. Syncing with Windows 8,  when using Office 2013 it will automatically be seen recent documents that a user created on a Windows tablet, desktop, or phone. Photos and videos are also cloud-synced, however via Skydrive.
  8. Xbox Music, the new replacement for Zune, it works as a yearly subscription.
  9. Xbox SmartGlass, allows the phone to have a second screen with more visible details about the game or movie currently being played.
  10. Data Sense compression,  Microsoft's servers compress Internet Explorer 10 web traffic so that the phone uses up to 45% less of any data plan. 
  11. More apps coming to Window Phone 8, Temple Run, Urbanspoon, Angry Bird Star Wars, Jetpack Joyride, LivingSocial, Where's My Water, Cut the Rope, and Pandora.
  12. Nokia Angry Birds Roost, exclusive feature for these handset users.

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