Microsoft Office Available on Android and Apple Mobiles in 2013

It is now known that Microsoft will present the version of the Office 2013 as a productivity suite to be available on Android and Apple Mobiles and Tablets, however the timeline for the availability was not previously known until it was stated a plan of the Office 2013 where its general availability is scheduled to arrive early in 2013.

Furthermore, it now also know Office 2013 will be available in December 2012 for corporate users, however the consumer versions of home office 2013 will only become available not before February 2013.  Furthermore, Office 365 for mobile devices and tablets will appear in March 2013.

Microsoft stated "Office Mobile will work across Windows Phones, Android phones and iOS." Also in a recent development Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer wrote a letter that contains a vision that Microsoft is shifting its model to focus on devices and services.

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