Oracle Offers Airlines Solutions that Allow Automated Airports andFlights

Following a recent article published on The Innovation Advantage at the Oracle blog, it was later written an article on the Wall Street Journal. The technology discussed here is quite interesting as it appears to be ground breaking in terms of automating air travel and streamlining airport operational processes, in this context it was also published an article related to this technology named The Self-Service Airport. There are many advantages particularly for Airline companies in terms of economic savings with the utilization of this automatic streamlined technology where it would enable less employees involvement or requirements whilst ensuring safer automatic reliable proceedings under most adverse atmospheric and airport conditions and situations.

Furthermore, on a recent article from The Economist, it is analysed challenges that the airline industry face in large complex situations, particularly in relation to economic considerations and processing operational expenses. In this context, and in a combination with leading technology that strives to help solve and streamline efficient cost effective solutions, then the Oracle Airline Data Model can offer smart advantages with its technology, of which has proved already to be successful, tested and popular in other businesses contexts such as supermarkets, manufacturing and customer service satisfaction and contextual sales offerings with profiling analysis in real-time.

However, in such sensitive business activity which is the airline industry, surprises always happen in terms of events, natural causes or human unpredictability behaviour, as a result the technology must have backup plans that are resilient and possible to have human intervention to avoid errors in real-time of which could prove to be a challenge in terms of implementation and the trade-off between profitability, machine lead leadership and confident security acceptance levels by the public.

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