New Security Palm Recognition for Smartphones Developed

In a context where smartphones current security features are based around password protection on the screen, SIM lock pin, cloud backups, remote location and data wipe security. It then follows that switching on security is not the best, as a result a new mobile technology implementation from the Japanese Softbank Mobile Corp in partnership with Universal Robot Co Ltd allows for palm recognition security on smartphones.

This idea is not new, however in the past many attempts have been unsuccessful as the technology and human palm characteristics combination features, were never quite small enough to be used in mobile phones.

This new implementation and solution is based on utilising software pattern recognition in combination with built-in smartphone cameras thus streamlining the amount of the required data analysis or pre-processing.

The way users will be able to use the security recognition logging in feature, is by simply showing their palm over the camera, in the case where a user is using the mobile phone in the dark or under low light conditions, then it is anticipated that the flash camera will automatically turn on in order to scan the palm. This new technology will be available soon towards the end of the year starting in Japan. Source 

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