Microsoft Windows Phone 8 New Feature, Room to Chat

As the new windows mobile operating system from Microsoft official global launch is approaching, new features will surprise many people for the better, this now includes group chatting functionality named "Room to Chat".  Furthermore, users on group chat will be able to share content and calendar appointment, events or lists to do.

The way it works, is that windows phone users are invited via text message as recipients from whoever is setting the group chat. It then follows, that group chat members are also able to customise their content sharing settings, either by choosing to share content with the entire group, or filtering and selecting content to be shared privately with a particular Room participant.

Source The Verge.  In further detail WMPowerUser published a description of the group chat: "Gather your friends and family together. Invite them to a private Room where you can share a calendar, photos, group chat and notes. Or add them to a Group to see social updates from just those folks and text them all at once. Tap the plus sign to get started".

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