Microsoft Users Must Agree to New Service Agreement, from 19th October

Microsoft is now notifying users of services including Bing, Outlook, MSN, Skydrive, Office365 and Office, these notifications relate to a new update on the Microsoft Services Agreement.  It then follows, that the main relevant updates that users should note are presented below:

User produced content, can be automatically shared 
As a result, Microsoft can use user content to “provide, protect and improve” all “Microsoft products and services... including cloud services”. It can be concluded that the agreement is being updated to take into consideration the new release of Windows8, where users need to provide a Microsoft user account in order to use the Operating System with the new full features that include the cloud synchronizations.

This is similar to Google user services, such as Android phone users. In this context, and in particular relating to this new agreement from Microsoft, it may be the privacy concerns that may occur, in the case where Bing search engine uses user content to display publicly data and how it will select user content including whether a user has any veto power.

Users cannot sue Microsoft

Microsoft users will now only be able to request reconsiderations and take action on possible disputes via a binding arbitration, where user rights and proceedings are diminished.

The new updated Microsoft Services Agreement will be active for agreeing users from the 19th October 2012, in order to use Microsoft services.

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