Linkedin Updates Company Pages with New Design

Today LinkedIn is updating its design for company pages, although it is not yet live, as it follows the process from the recent update on its homepage. The new company pages have a new streamlined design, that includes just a single image to represent the business with a "follow" button at the top right of the page. 

This is the description of the updates on the Linkedin blog:

  • "We’ve provided companies with the ability to easily add an image that best represents their company and brand. Like the photo on a member’s profile, this image helps companies establish their identity on LinkedIn."
  • "companies are able to share status updates and job opportunities with the right members on LinkedIn."
  • "With a more prominent navigation experience, companies can now easily showcase their company’s products, services and career opportunities to members visiting their Company Page."
  • "For select companies, such as American Express, Unilever, Expedia, offer a more compelling and visual way for them to showcase their employer brand through the Career Pages section of Company Pages. We believe this new look and feel makes it easier for companies to tell their employer story and make the job hunt process more personalized for job seekers."

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