Learning Robots help Education, being Unprepared and Making Mistakes

When learning and interacting with technology, it follows that in order to achieve best proficiency results it is optimal to have robots that simultaneously learn and are capable to make errors. This is quite true even when learners have teachers that learn and make mistakes in real-time and in conjunction with the class, as this stimulates the learning understanding and acknowledgement of ideas and implementations by learning participants. 

Furthermore, to complement these statements, it can be stated by Elio Assuncao "When working as as a Lab lecturer, I did find that my students would learn better when I did not prepare for labs, as we learnt together and made mistakes together, and in many occasions students would have and were more than happy to provide new insights with no preconceived assumptions or guided instructions, and in the end students would have a sense of achievement as well as learning extremely well".  

Also, Andrea Thomaz from Institute of Technology, stated: ”Anything that gets a person more actively engaged and motivated is going to be beneficial to the learning process.... So needing to teach the robot is a great way of doing that”.

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