Google for Entrepreneurs, Startup Businesses and Communities to Benefit

It was today launched by Google  a support framework called Google For Entrepreneurs, this new programme is directed to help startup businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. The way this new support programme works by permitting partnerships between leading local communities and Google leading employees, in such a way that an implementation of tools provided by Google can connect businesses and its people with specific tools that help entrepreneurial development.

In this context, it then follows that Google wishes to focus many of tools it has in its portfolio to be used, explored and developed by taking into consideration the usage pattern growth by startup businesses.   With this in mind, the entrepreneurial market already has some partnership examples such as Startup Weekend in the U.S., iHub in Kenya, Le Camping in France, and from this week, Women 2.0.

Included on this package framework, are the Google employees where they will organize events with the  Google for Entrepreneurs Week in mind, of which also includes organizations like Idea Village in New Orleans U.S., CommunitechTetuan Valley Wroclaw, Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Johannesburg and the Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce.

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