Twitter to Interest Target Users with Ads, to Earn More Revenue

Twitter has announced that is considering and setting new changes, so that advertisers can greater benefit from what is calling "interest targeting" to twitter users. The new targeting framework would allow marketing companies to increase their targeting display audience without necessarily being constrained with brand pattern data similarities, or in other words new capability for a larger audience targeting.

In this context, it then follows that twitter will show advertisers on their dashboards new 350 "interest categories" with filtering features such as groups of interest such as home, politics etc. Furthermore, these interest categories and its user selection process is determined by its own algorithm called "interest graph".

It will be possible now for advertisers to customise campaigns and target and contextualize individual user accounts, with the end result being promoted tweets to users who share common interests. In other development, as twitter sells its advertising space on an auction process, it will now become cheaper to advertise with minimum bids starting at just one cent.

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