Twitter Planning Platform Structural Improvements

Following a recent article, it is apparent that twitter is planning many changes at its core platform. As a result this means, that the web technology is always evolving and competing for better ease of display for its users and more notably to advertisers and marketing companies. Twitter has already implemented media rich tweets, however not to the extend it is now planning.

The aim seems to be to please advertisers and thus increase profitability, the main development is being directed to producing rich media kind of expandable widgets that are called cards, an example can be seen here.  Twitter is now preparing and engaging with developers so that apps can be built using this new functionality and as a result embed cards to be displayed.

There are existing twitter applications where these "cards" may never be displayed, examples are Tweetbot and Flipboard. It can then be concluded that these apps may have to stop operating. It then follows that for this apparent reason, the Flipboard CEO Mike McCue has recently resigned from the Twitter board.  There are many interesting developments currently happening at twitter so we do recommend to read the full story here.

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