Tech Disputes on the Rise due to Domain Names Registrations

It is expected that domain ownership disputes will continue to rise, and towards the end of this current and the first part of next year, we will see a record high of disputes.  A big concern by some companies, is the Chinese market where some people register domain western names so that they use those domains for less transparent activities.

In a recent battle Apple, back in May won the case for the domain, even though its iphone5 is not yet available at their stores.

The best advice for businesses is that in particular for online retailers, their brands should be protected at all times. As a result, brands should make sure they own their own brand domains or file a complain so that they do not lose reputation, trust or their brand is misrepresented in any way so that it affects their sales.

Next year the new domain extensions will be available, where it can only be deduced that many more domains will be registered, so it is essential for brands to be aware that they need to secure their domains in order to save any potential damage to their reputation or financial costs with court claims over domains.

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