Rent Your Paper Textbooks from Amazon Now Available in the US

It is now possible to rent paper textbooks directly from Amazon. This follows on the context, where Amazon already does rent Kindle editions of textbooks, nevertheless the choice available on as ebooks is quite limited. When it comes to textbooks, most people prefer to have a paper version as it allows them to make handwritten notes on pages among other flexibilities. The second hand market for textbooks seems to be a growing market due to economic factors and educational considerations.

The paper textbooks being available on Amazon will be in the range of $30 to $60 which can be rented for as long as an educational college or University semester. Amazon counts these rentals as 130 days, however it can be extended by 15 days, but only on one occasion. The other benefit from Amazon textbooks rentals is that Amazon returns include free shipping. It is anticipated that this service will be available also in the UK sometime soon.

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