Now You Can Skip Video Ads on a Mobile, from YouTube

From today YouTube videos that are played and viewed on a mobile device, will have the TrueView in-stream advertising campaigns embedded. These campaigns can be accessed and set on the AdWords For Video dashboard.  Until now, this technology was not used on mobiles, due do the screen size limitations and concerns for the User Experience.

It follows, that YouTube nevertheless will keep studying data usage and patterns from users interactivity with ads.

If this miniature feature gets the full support and acceptance from users, then it will follow new features for the advertisers on their dashboards which will include dedicated optimization settings for a multitude of mobile devices.

In this context, YouTube ads can be envisaged that its mobile market will grow and this new feature of embedded ads on mobile video plays, will complement and enhance its mobile strategy for monetization without the requirement to have pre-built custom apps for users to download.

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