Mobile Web 3.0 The Handheld Devices New App Technology

The mobile web 3.0 has features which allows technology to evolve in new ways, and these include real-time software service development, location aware and quality embedded cameras.

Mobile is a great new opportunity for software driven with capabilities that allow for nearby commerce alerts, marketing and sharing. Furthermore, the monetization will increase with innovative solutions.

In this context, the  mobile web 3.0 incorporates technology which innovates the user experience in terms of customised advertising and business marketing new frontiers. It then follows that real-world data can be displayed, customised and interacted in real-time, as a result software solutions can be really creative and innovative to deliver great commercial solutions.

We like ShopKick and Foodspotting, these interesting mobile apps have found and use the power of mobile web 3.0 into their implementations. While ShopKick works by engaging retailer customers with a custom games with clever marketing so that the retailer benefits with more sales while their customers are on the shop. On the other hand, Open Foodspotting, works as a visual guide to trending food locations in relation to the location of the app user. 

With regards to marketing companies and their advertising channels, the main question to ask is whether pay per click works on general app usability or targeting a user location with targeted customer loyalty ads. 

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