IBM Brings High Power Intelligence to Mobile Devices

IBM is attempting to provide mobility usability to its high power somewhat perceived intelligent business machines by providing its Watson to be implemented on smartphones or at least a mobile small version which would connect to the big brother for data analysis and complex processing. In this context, it then follows that mobile capabilities will in some ways help users and technology interact in a more understandable communication and interactivity by increasing current capabilities and data complexities.

Interesting developments will follow, nevertheless it can be anticipated that science analysis will gain and benefit with a larger testing field and implementations such as described in Bloomberg reports.

The Watson is capable of operating is by searching many of sources in real-time and recognizing patterns, with some preconceived interpreting rules that can provide good results. Thus, even in the cases where the user feels that an answer or conclusion would be difficult to reach, a good example is here.  The next stage will be the Watson 2.0, which is currently in development, so that it can perform at more energy-efficient levels as a application. source San Francisco Chronicle

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