Google Updates Its Search Algorithm With Copyright Notices Activities

Google is adjusting and tweaking its search algorithm where changes will start to be noted from next week to all users. This new change arrives following pressure from copyright notice activities towards its search algorithm and as a result Google will start measuring and taking action depending on publishers activities. These new metrics will incorporate the number of valid copyright removal notices it receives with regards to particular offending sites.  Furthermore, a ranking system will be in place to help "users find legitimate, quality sources of content more easily".

Nevertheless, Google also states that perceived offending users have the capability to fight back by producing “counter notices” by directly submitting a notice to Google, in the cases where webmasters may feel and believe that the content published on their sites was legitimate and did not infringe any copyright rights. These cases apply, where publishers have noted and feel they are being treated unfairly by having their content being removed from Google search algorithm index. In this context, Google states that it will not voluntarily or take any proactive action by removing content from being displayed on search results. This will change provided copyright owners make a complain or contact Google with their notices, and as a result Google will then remove the content and push the offending sites to the bottom of the search results.

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