Google Knowledge Graph to Show on Auto-Complete Search

It was announced by Google two new updates, which will start today displaying publicly on the Google search auto-complete fields, for anyone to see provided their search is done or typed using the English language.  These new updates are based on its Knowledge Graph innovation system, where it was first introduced back in May.

The way the Knowledge Graph works by displaying a small summary of factual interesting relevant search topics. It will now include further improvements such as localized topic summaries which are auto customised depending on which part of the world a user is based and searching from.

As an example: when a user types or starts to type on the search bar the word “rio”, then the user will see relevant auto fill options such as WRio the film, Rio the casino, or Rio de Janiero the city".  The other innovation from Google is a carousel interface that will start appearing  today.  This new tweak will allows for a better interactive interface where a slideshow type display can show topics that relate to the user typed search term.

In this post it can be read further details and insights at The Official Google Blog.

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