Google Acquires Wildfire Social Marketing Platform

It has been announced that Google is to acquire Wildfire Interactive, a startup company that specializes in promotional marketing on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, among others.

Following this addition to Google's portfolio can be easily deduced that Google is preparing and embracing social media marketing as a highly rewarding offering to its users and advertisers. The niche offering from Wildfire is that it offers users the ability to promote content across a wide variety of social networking sites from a single central platform. It can be envisaged that from the current offering of Google analytics and DoubleClick, it may not be the complete full circle in terms of metrics and advertising to users, with this new acquisition it will allow Google to speed up new capabilities with far reaching solutions where marketing advertisers and viral strategists can better plan, deploy and measure campaigns across a wider dynamic spectrum of web activity. Currently Wildfire users are able to publish content simultaneously in many places which can include content as status messages, also administer owner pages, run advertising custom campaigns with performance metrics on a multitude of social sites from a single central dashboard.

Wildfire customers include Virgin, Cirque du Soleil, Gilt Group and Spotify, and this shows how attractive the platform is which in turn Google wishes to benefit by also incorporating these highly profitable customers.

These news follows on that other multinational companies have also recently been acquiring social media marketing startups.  The examples are Salesforce where it recently acquired Buddy Media. Furthermore,  Oracle has also been active by entering to social business game.

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