Glacier Arrives from Amazon to Archive Data via Cloud Services

Cloud archive image by FutUndBeidl

Today Amazon has introduced a new service called Glacier, this new service is all about backing up  securely data on the cloud with all its performance advantages. The service costs around $0.01 per gigabyte per month.

Amazon stated: "Companies typically over-pay for data archiving". By using this new service in particular businesses can keep records from many years including compliance with regulatory legislation for their data. However, it will not be advantageous over typical backups where data needs to be accessed frequently according to its pricing structure, nevertheless for archiving it is great. 

It can be concluded that around one-terabyte of 100,000 files, changing by 1% per month then an estimate would cost $11 (£7) per month to maintain, with about $140 to restore per year.

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