Facebook Stories, A New Social Site in Extraordinary Ways

Facebook has today launched an interesting original site where its content is run and maintained by Facebook itself, named Facebook Stories. The way the site operates is collecting and selecting  interesting stories depending on the chosen theme during on a monthly basis. The inaugural Facebook Story for this month, is based on the  theme of "remembering".  Anyone can view an infographic that details and presents a process on how Facebook users typically share and post important memories or events such as travel and marriages, it is also possible for users to submit stories, however Facebook will decide what story or who to feature.

The site will be showing and featuring videos and articles that will tell stories in a creative way, based on the activity of Facebook users and its community, nevertheless this new site does not resemble to Tumblr's Storyboard or Twitter Stories. In comparison this new site of Facebook Stories is quite different as it will enhance community stories based on a monthly trend or theme.

Facebook's Tucker Bounds commented on ABCNews "We wanted to create a place where we could celebrate great stories" . On this new site, will be displayed not just stories but also features such as Goodreads and Playlists to feature new music by "inspiring artists", furthermore there will be a monthly podcast.

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