Apple Patented Innovative Technology for Mobile Displays

Apple yesterday had an interesting patent approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Currently, the way mobile apple iphone display technology works is by utilizing and embedding multiple layers to achieve responsiveness at different levels.  The approved new patent owned by Apple, however innovates the display technology by reducing the number of required layers, as a result it follows an embeddable integration incorporating methods that work directly on LCD.  It can then be concluded that the new innovation, will result in a thinner mobile display.

The abstract of the patent can be read below:
Disclosed herein are liquid-crystal display (LCD) touch screens that integrate the touch sensing elements with the display circuitry. The integration may take a variety of forms. Touch sensing elements can be completely implemented within the LCD stackup but outside the not between the color filter plate and the array plate. Alternatively, some touch sensing elements can be between the color filter and array plates with other touch sensing elements not between the plates.

In another alternative, all touch sensing elements can be between the color filter and array plates. The latter alternative can include both conventional and in-plane-switching (IPS) LCDs. In some forms, one or more display structures can also have a touch sensing function. Techniques for manufacturing and operating such displays, as well as various devices embodying such displays are also disclosed. Reference

It appears that Apple is fighting back from Samsung with its recent Galaxy SIII,  and attempting once again to break new ground in terms of innovation, furthermore the markets and its worldwide fan base expect only the best, perhaps with never seen before technology such as possibly flexible hardware technology.

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