Microsoft Entity Framework is Now Open Source

Following on the pattern of making open source software highly available on Microsoft solutions, the company has now made another step towards supporting open source frameworks by opening its very own Entity Framework that works by helping data manipulation. It first started last year when Microsoft made available quite a few development related tools such as NuGet among relevant libraries linked to ASP.Net programming. Furthermore also last year it sponsored Node.js development projects as well as large data analytics Apache Hadoop for Windows. And as another huge step it is also making Linux available on Azure its cloud computing flagship platform.

The way entity framework is structured within Microsoft is at its Open Technologies, in this context earlier this year projects can be developed using Open Technologies. The source code for Entity is on Codeplex, where codeplex is the Microsoft equivalent to GitHub.

These steps are very much welcome by Microsoft, and it seems it is trying to catch and attract development talent that use those technologies, nevertheless the next challenge by Microsoft may be to consider other parts of its well established traditional technologies that it owns.

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