Best Plaforms and Resources To Develop and Market Mobile Apps

In this post, we have collected great frameworks, tools and resources for anyone to create effective mobile apps. These resources include a variety of services, namely analytics, content management systems, market placement and games. 

Re-Invents Mobile Apps Analytics

Location Analytics

Cloud-based mobile Content Management System

Complete APP Management Platform

Innovative Analytics

The most advanced analytics platform ever for mobile

Reach millions of new players through social connection

Open Soure Framework, support 7 platforms

User Analytics Mobile Web

Develop, Test, Deploy from One Development Environment

HTML5 Apps that Look Native on Any Device

Smart Push Notification Services

App Marketing and Sales Optimization

Database designed for solving arbitrary problems in analytics, statistics, and machine learning.

Mobile Engagement Management

Build incredible, feature-rich business applications

A Real-Time CMS

Create games in JavaScript that run on many devices

Build, Deploy and Grow Your Mobile Business

Intelligent Analytics

Cloud-based Builder for HTML5, jQuery Mobile, and PhoneGap Apps.

Add a powerful and scalable backend in minutes

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