Foursquare New Design Available Next Week

According to Foursquare twitter account stream, it now includes a hashtag #allnew4sq where it is being announced a new design for foursquare users.  It appears that with the new design, foursquare users will have an better experience in terms of recommendations for locations and more interactivity between users of which it can be argued a wider social experience with extra features which go beyond the mere check-ins.

Foursquare has a considerable large data set and growing daily, the data includes not just locations and user statistics but also has the capability to learn user patterns of their activities. With this growing own data source it can be assumed that foursquare can now add extra functionality to enrich its users experience based on geographical activities. As a result, it seems to be quite natural that foursquare is now evolving its offering which will include recommendations, customised to a user historical pattern as well as proposing locations based on ratings, quality and popularity. The new design should include a better explore functionality based on this improvement, possibly including  trending locations and destinations maps of friends locations. You can follow us on YODspica.

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