Best Email Tools For Your Inbox Including Social Media Messages

Email management, archiving, searching and design can done these days with dedicated tools to help achieve great results including mail and messages from your social media contacts. In this post, we have collected tools that make email reading experience much more enjoyable and organized. Some of these tools include social media inbox management, other for design purposes, others are even dedicated mobile applications. Even if you check your email using a web browser (including gmail) also there are tools here, furthermore for outlook and other platforms there are dedicated plugins on this list.

"Transfer an email account to another account of your choice"

"Powerful, intuitive, and faster than a scalded monkey"

 Mobile App.

"Save Time Monitoring & Managing Your Brand on Facebook, Twitter & More"

"Organize all the files in your email."

"Tout Makes Your Emails Smarter"

Shortening email addresses.
"Take 1 minute to clean them up in one sweep."

"Organizer effortlessly and securely organizes your email so you can take control of your inbox."

"Bring life to your email"

"Find stuff in a second."

Email Design Boilerplate.

"Separates, summarizes and archives your shopping, financial and transactional emails."

"The simplest way to organize everything you buy online."

"If you access your email in a browser, you'll love Notify."

"Replies: Be a Customer Support Hero"

"Graph Your Inbox is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to graph Gmail activity over."

"File your email to Microsoft Outlook folders."

"The Microsoft Outlook Plugin That Lets You Achieve a Better Sense of Knowing"


Gmelius is a cross-browser extension
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