Twitter Marketing Promotion Guide for Business

There are different ways a business can advertise on twitter to enhance their brands and products. Mainly it can be done via promoted trends, promoted tweets and promoted accounts.

Promoted Trends

A good way to promote engagement and interest for a brand on the popular trends topics section. Furthermore products can also be included which can increase greatly the visibility when users are browsing. In this case, users need to be logged in so that the yellow arrow is displayed on trending (momentarily spikes) topics. 

It follows that then a brand's promoted trend is then able to gain vast exposure, ideally located. Promoted Trends can provide users new and exciting discoveries which enable engagement and conversations around a trending content either conversation, event or current affairs news.

Promoted Tweets

Businesses can promoted tweets in a creative manner and arranged in best ways to suit business goals and ROI. When compared to normal tweets on platform, the promoted tweets can also be done in such a way which look and feel like relevant and interesting to a conversation however the main advantage is that they are placed above all tweets during search and results which can include hashtags. As a result it is possible to have a unique campaign on twitter by taking into consideration business requirements and settings.  A key to good promotion is on tweets that engage with users, which subconsequently shows more frequently on the platform.

Promoted tweets can be placed various categories, here is where they can be placed: 

Twitter Search, users searching for news, interests or events on twitter, the promoted tweets will appear at the top of the results page.

Twitter Timelines, logged in users timeline will see promoted tweets which will show at or near the top of their timeline, it is possible when users refresh their homepage to see more promotions.
Geographic Target, promotions can be targeted at a country level.
Political campaigns, during an election campaign tweets can be promoted however there are specific compliance notices to adhere. 

Promoted tweets are priced on a Cost-per-Engagement (CPE), therefore a business only incurs a charge when a user retweets, replies to, clicks or favorites the promoted tweet. Furthermore, impressions on Retweets are free so the ROI can be considerable.

Promoted Accounts

When a user is logged in on twitter, the user is able to go the tabe Who To Follow,  a business can have a promoted account when users are suggested and  encouraged to follow specific targeted brands.

The number of followers that a business has is a good sign of brand loyalty and awareness. Furthermore, twitter’s account recommendation engine identifies similar accounts and followers to help users discover new businesses, on Twitter. 

Advertiser Analytics

Twitter offers two layers of analytics to advertising businesses, where it contains analysis on paid and unpaid activity. Advertisers have access to three dashboards that display the fundamental metrics of campaigns. The metrics displayed in real-time are: impressions, retweets, clicks, replies, and follows. In summary a business can see its followers based by interest, geography, gender, and engagement.

Enhanced profile pages

An enhanced twitter profile page is public, therefore any viewer can see it publicly without the need to log in or be an active member.

Currently, the enhanced profile pages are available to a small selection of business. It is expected that soon they will be available to a larger user base. The businesses that have an enhanced profile pages are able to have a header image, add a logo, image, tagline or any other visual branding with a new 835×90 header.

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