Hello Google Shopping

Google Shopping, a new solution based on an innovation of the current Google Product Search. The new offering offers a choice for online shoppers in terms of convenience, comparison and contextual advertising to enhance the results.

Earlier today Google did announce that is phasing out its current product search feature on product listing ads initiative called Google Shopping. As contextual advertising will be an integral part of the new offering, as a result private sellers and retailers are obliged to use adwords if they want their products featured and displayed with emphasis under Google search results.

The new Google Shopping is starting today with experimental paid product boxes, and it is anticipated that will fully operational by the autumn. Google Shopping product results will work in a similar way to comparison shopping sites. Google will incorporate further innovations for product placement, content and information relating to the whole shopping experience including detailed product descriptions. It seems that this new solution from Google may not be ground-breaking technology, however it appears that it has noticed that it can do much better that the traditional Google Product Search and add adwords as a revenue stream. Comparison shopping sites have been around for quite a while, although with Google's dominance in terms of search and its advertising arm, it has all the ingredients to become quite successful.

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