Google+ Guide For Business Marketing

Google+ is quite powerful, it is capable of producing great for business marketing as well as content and engagement for customer satisfaction and loyalty. The feature of Hangouts On Air is great for live shows and events which can be streamed to the world, furthermore recorded and edited at the end so that it can be shared and published as a marketing material.

Google+ and YouTube

If broadcasting, the video can be show simultaneously on YouTube and Google+. As a result the YouTube URL can be promoted and shared with anyone that wants to watch the broadcast live at a specific time and date.

Google+ Apps

Applications like Google Docs, SlideShare among others are present on Google+, thus these tools can complement a webinar or work share functionality for business, all free of charge.

Chat on Sidebar

By simply clicking on the Chat button during a hangout or presentation allows interactivity among participants including feedback and questions. 

Screen Share

It is also possible to share your screen by simply clicking Screen Share.

Hangouts for Business Examples:

Customer Service Live Q&A

For FAQs on services and possibly enquiries or even technical solutions depending on the type of the business, then it is a good idea to have a weekly hangout live, in case there are pertinent questions arising which need clarification as well as updates and company news. The hangout should be promoted, and the resulted video series can be viewed on-demand after edited. For the broadcasts is a good idea to invite people to tweet questions to you during your presentation with a hashtag. Subsquently, the final videos can be posted on a business website for reference and pr.

Live Expert Interviews

By inviting an expert, then the broadcast can be promoted to your current and prospect new clients. As a result the final video can be marketed on YouTube and on the business website.

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