Best Social Media Professional Tools for Business

In this post we have collected many tools that can be used for professional social media monitoring, marketing and data search analysis. 

Many of these tools are not free, however most professionals and businesses use them in order to gain the most out of social media campaigns, as well as gaining key marketing intelligence.

Conversely, social media tools these days play an important role in any business communication, products and brand promotion marketing, as a result they are essential to professional business development.

Below is the list we compiled:

Standing on Giants’s fully customizable platform easily integrates with other software systems and applications, including CRM, SSO and Data Warehouse…The SOG platform provides an umbrella of multi-dimensional analytics, including multiple dashboards and reporting options, as well as being fully compliant with all major security standards. In short, SoG enables world leading customer engagement methods through the use of disrupting forum platform technology.

"Percolate bubbles up interesting content from around the web and presents it back to a brand editor to add a comment and publish back out to social channels and websites."

"Shows you how social media drives conversions and creates value, because your business runs on customers and sales, not mentions or buzz."

"How far did your tweet travel?"

"Contaxio tracks your followers and friends on Twitter & other social networks"


"Top content from people you follow on twitter."


Mobile phone platform.


"NutshellMail from Constant Contact tracks your brand's social media activity and delivers a summary to your email inbox on your schedule."

"Find out what people love and hate on social media"

"Keep up with all your streams in one place. Instantly see what's important. Follow your interests, filter the noise, and find what you want."

"A simple and beautiful SKU-level social analytics platform built for innovative retailers of all sizes."

"Multiple Contributors, One Twitter Account"

"Measure the magnitude of your brand"

"Simple Apps for Powerful Facebook Pages."

"Send rich, beautiful emails from your Gmail account."

"Real-time social media search and analysis2
"A platform that helps brands use social content to engage."

"Social Commerce & Marketing Tool"

"Never Miss a Comment. Never Miss a Tweet."

"Bitly Enterprise is a sharing platform that lets you manage multiple social media accounts, and a monitoring service that alerts you to viral content about your brand."

"Influence Analytics"

Social media lead generation service

"High-quality content that drives your business"

"A service that uses the Twitter Search API to find and archive tweets."

"The world's largest ad platform for the people web."

"Monitor what people are saying about your business from your social inbox"

"Create interactive, custom social media content and distribute with precision across global social networks."

"The world’s first Social Operating Platform"

"Powerful tool to grow, engage, and monetize your audience on
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn"

"The Social Marketing Platform for Enterprises"

"Platform to help marketers respond to "real-time consumer intent"

"Build big revenue with social data"
"Connect With Millions of Consumers Via Today's Top Influencers"
"Convert your social presence to fans & lead"

"Ranking topical influencers"

"End To End Social Marketing Solution."

"Social marketing game"

"Complete contest solution for brands"

Currently unavailable.

"Help brands build a vibrant community, and then infuse this social conversation"

Data integration and analytics

"Deliver your brand's message directly to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ feeds!"

"Leading performance marketing company for Social Media"

"Promotional campaigns on social networks"

Marketing campaigns
Argyle Social

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