Augmented Reality Goggles Glasses Tested by Google Co-Founder

Google's co-founder Sergey Brin has been testing in San Francisco the new flagship technology gadget coming into the market soon. The gadget is an augmented reality glasses called goggles, where it is capable of producing superimposing layered images into locations in real-time.

This comes as Google had confirmed that the new glasses was in research and development for a quite while, but the glasses were never seen in public at such late stages of development. Basically the glasses is capable of showing maps, messages and other information including video. Subsquently the person wearing the glasses will be able to take photos, receive messages, share video recording, and obtain directions all in real-time.

The version spotted is what Google calls "Project Glass," where the glasses are lens-free with a small, clear prism-like display mounted above either eye.  It is still unclear how the glasses are currently being powered or if there are different versions and chargeable options.

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