Twitter Strategically Partners Mixi to Battle Facebook

Twitter in Japan is intensifying the battle with facebook to ensure its current market share remains high. This follows from Mixi as Japan’s largest social network, where they jointly announced this week that they are going to work closely together in the future to battle facebook.

In the context that twitter always saw and sees Japan as an important market, it soon followed that Japanese was the first language that Twitter was translated into, following the metrics that the Japanese users are one of  the most active users. Subsequently, twitter practically acknowledged this fact by appointing its first ever international country manager in Japan.

The new strategic alliance was described firstly on the Asiajin blog, it follows that in the future both platforms will develop partnered services including advertising solutions, subsquently twitter will be part of mixi’s platform.

The statement from twitter’s country manager for Japan, James Kondo:
“This is going to be an interesting case. We’re going to see what works and what doesn’t work, and we’re going to build on top of that as opposed to throwing out something that may not work.”
The main advantage for Japan's mixi, is that can now try to recover the prominent prime position that lost recently to facebook, by having another giant of the social networking joining its forces.

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