Google Search Appliance Enterprise for Businesses

Google Search Appliance Enterprise,  is a feature which can index any enterprise data generated by Oracle databases, SAP systems, SharePoint,, HR systems, intranets, wikis, etc.  Based on this technology company employees have the capability of using a well recognised Google interface.

The news is that Google is now updating GSA thus providing its users the search tool to be used across stored documents including the data which they store in the cloud.

This new facility called Cloud Connect permits company users to search across both on-premise and cloud-based content.  As a result,  Google Apps users can access results from Google Docs and Google Sites combined with results from Google Search Appliance.  Furthermore, this new offering allows the Cloud Connect users to search content from Twitter, including blogs and other sites which include the tool of Google Site Search.

Even further, it is now possible to search people, subsequently the capability for employees to search for experts as an example.  In a more advanced search capability it now includes dynamic navigation feature, so that it can be specified search results based on filters.  Another interesting development is that the new Search Appliance now allows Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 easy data connection.

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