Elio Assuncao has ad

Elio Assuncao has added you as a contact on Viadeo ============================================================   Just joined Viadeo and would love to connect with you since we have similar interests in social media and networking. Feel free to ignore this message, if in anyway you prefer not to accept this invitation. Regards Elio http://htxt.it/8xwS Click here  to connect with Elio Assuncao http://htxt.it/8xwS Thousands of decision makers from all sectors - headhunters, buyers, entrepreneurs are using their network every day to develop their business and their careers. Joining Viadeo takes 3 minutes http://htxt.it/8xwS and provides access to the largest professional network in Europe (2,100,000 members). If the link above does not work, simply copy the link of the invitation in a browser: http://htxt.it/8xwS http://htxt.it/8xwS ============================================================

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